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Solid State Logic (SSL) X-Logic Alpha Channel

Rode K2

Daking Mic-Pre One preamp

Sennheiser MD441

Universal Audio - UA-710 tube/SS hybrid preamp

Sennheiser MD421

Steinberg MR816X interface

3U Audio MKIV-D (matched pair)

Behringer Ultra-Gain Pro-8 preamps

Shure SM7b

Radial Engineering J48 DI box

Sennheiser e602

Line2Amp Re-amping box

Sennheiser e906

Studio Projects C4 MkII (matched pair)

Outboard Effects:

hypercardiod, cardiod, and omni capsules

Yamaha Rev-X Reverb

Avantone CR-14 (x2)

Digitech RP1000 guitar multi-FX / modeller

Sennheiser e835s

Shure SM57 (x2)


Shure SM58

Yamaha HS8 active monitors

Behringer ECM8000 (x2)


AKG K240 monitor headphones

Sennheiser HD280 PRO isolation headphones


Behringer PowerPlay Pro-XL 4700 Headphone Amp

Drum set - 5pc Mapex

Assorted other headphones

12" 13" 16" toms

14" snare


22" kick

Cubase Pro-9

Sabian AA 14" Hi-Hats

Waves Plug-ins:

Sabian AA 18" Crash

- CLA Classic Compressors

Sabian AA 20" Ride

- SSL4000 bundle

Electric Guitars (Fender Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, LTD, BC Rich)

- Native Power Pack

Acoustic Guitar (Norman)

- Kramer Master Tape

Classical Guitar (Bernabe)

- Artist Signature Series Vocal Collection

Electric Bass

- NS1 Noise suppressor

Upright Piano

- In-Phase

M-Audio Keystation (88 semi-weighted keys)

- WNS Noise suppressor

200W Guitar amp; 100W Keyboard amp

Head Case amp modelling

assorted VST instruments (The Grand, HalionONE, Groove Agent, etc.)

JamUP Pro amp modelling for iOS

HOFA DDP and CD Burn mastering software

 ** ALL software is legitimately purchased and registered appropriately.  I do NOT use pirated software of ANY kind.**