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Solid State Logic (SSL) X-Logic Alpha Channel

Rode K2

Daking Mic-Pre One preamp

Sennheiser MD441

Universal Audio - UA-710 tube/SS hybrid preamp

Sennheiser MD421

Steinberg MR816X interface

3U Audio MKIV-D (matched pair)

Behringer Ultra-Gain Pro-8 preamps

Shure SM7b

Radial Engineering J48 DI box

Sennheiser e602

Line2Amp Re-amping box

Sennheiser e906

Studio Projects C4 MkII (matched pair)

Outboard Effects:

hypercardiod, cardiod, and omni capsules

Yamaha Rev-X Reverb

Avantone CR-14 (x2)

Digitech RP1000 guitar multi-FX / modeller

Sennheiser e835s

Shure SM57 (x2)


Shure SM58

Yamaha HS8 active monitors

Behringer ECM8000 (x2)


AKG K240 monitor headphones

Sennheiser HD280 PRO isolation headphones


Behringer PowerPlay Pro-XL 4700 Headphone Amp

Drum set - 5pc Mapex

Assorted other headphones

12" 13" 16" toms

14" snare 


22" kick (5" ported reso head)

Cubase Pro-9.5

Sabian AA 14" Hi-Hats

Waves Plug-ins:

Sabian AA 18" Crash, 17” Crash

- CLA Classic Compressors (LA2A, LA3A, 1176, etc.)

Sabian AA 20" Ride

- SSL4000 bundle

DW-3000 double-kick pedal

- Native Power Pack

Electric Guitars (Fender Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, LTD, BC Rich)

- Kramer Master Tape

Acoustic Guitar (Norman B20)

- Artist Signature Series Vocal Collection

Classical Guitar (Bernabe)

- L1, L2 mastering limiters

Electric Bass

- In-Phase

Upright Piano

- Waves Restoration Suite, WNS Noise suppressor, NS1 Noise Suppressor

M-Audio Keystation (full sized 88 semi-weighted keys)

Head Case amp modelling

200W guitar amp; 100W Keyboard amp

assorted VST instruments (The Grand, HalionONE, Groove Agent, Waves Clavinet etc.)

Various hand percussion (Guiro, Claves, Maracas, shakers, bongos, etc.)

JamUP Pro amp modelling for iOS

HOFA DDP and CD Burn mastering software

 ** ALL software is legitimately purchased and registered appropriately.  I do NOT use pirated software of ANY kind.**