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* Put new heads on drums, and have them tuned in advance.   This is what drums sound like when they are not tuned.  If they sound like this, there is a very limited number of options available to make them sound any good.

* Bring extra sticks, mallets, beaters, etc.

* Make sure all components are working properly (hi-hat pedals, snare levers, etc.)

* Keep your range of tonal options open.  Bring an extra snare.  Rather than filling your bass drum with one great big duvet, maybe try a couple of smaller blankets and a couple of pillows.  This allows us to try different levels of damping, rather than "all on" and "all off."

* Bring Moon-gels or any other products/materials that might be useful in damping your kit.

* If you have more than one kit, leave the big, live, boomy sounding kit at home and bring the drier, punchier, flatter sounding kit.  A boomy kit can sound great live, but easily run out of control in the studio.