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!!Welcome to Green Room Recording!!

Green Room Recording is a home-based project studio that offers an ideal balance between "home studio" and "pro studio."  As a "home studio", I offer a comfortable smoke-free and air-conditioned home environment.  It is easy to feel comfortable and at-ease here with me, which helps in getting your best possible performance.  Unlike many "home" studios, though, I offer a number of upgrades that bring elements of the "pro studio" into the home environment.  Such upgrades include separate control room and "live" rooms (away from the control room) for tracking a full band, each with proper acoustic treatment, and the capacity to record 16 tracks at a time.   I can offer a high quality full-tube analog front end (ie. tube mic and tube preamp) for recording your voice or instruments with a depth, warmth and character you don't typically expect from a home studio.  I have a full complement of mics, including many of the pro-studio staples from brands like AEA, Sennheiser, Rode, Shure and AKG, and preamps from Solid State Logic (SSL), Yamaha (the ones they use in their $40k mixing consoles), Daking and Universal Audio.

I feel that I offer an ideal balance between engineering know-how, high-quality equipment, interpersonal skills and affordability, in a comfortable and accessible environment. Book your session now!

I also offer:

* flexible scheduling
* 40+ tracks of audio without bouncing
* very affordable rates (as low as less than $25/hr!!)
* convenient west-end location near 403 exit
* 4 (or more)  independent, customizable headphone mixes.
* Convenient & secure electronic sharing of your audio and data files via Google Drive or DropBox
* record up to 16 tracks simultaneously
* 32-bit direct-to-digital recording up to 96khz = DVD quality recording!
* Mastering / preparation for duplication or manufacture

NEW!!  If you have a song that needs other musicians to help you get it out there, my team of studio musicians can help you make that happen.  See the side menu for more details!

Yes, I record:

* bands of any genre
* rap vocals
* solo artists/duos/trios
* spoken word broadcast
* ADR (additional dialogue recording for film and TV)
* audio books